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Essential Chord Theory

Chord Names with #s – using the 1, 3, 5 major and 1, b3, 5 minor triads to build chords (includes 9, 11, 13, aug+, and dim o chords)

Building Chords from Scales – a more in-depth, practical, and accurate explanation of Chord names derived from triads built on scales – includes major, minor, dominant, symetrical and other triad chord forms.

Counting Keys – using the I, IV, V to find the key in most songs

Tonic Chord Prog #’s [naming every progression from the I – tonic in various modes]

Finding Yourself – Fretboard and Note Intervals

Scales and Modes

Modes and Scales – Intro [You MUST Learn this!]

CAGED and Diagonal Pentatonic (only!) scales

Three Note Per String Scale System Basics 

Two String Octave Scale system – (linear two string patterns)

Alternative Scale Patterns – more C-A-G-E-D and diagonal scale patterns

Alternative 3 note Per String Guitar Scales  (even more diagonals etc)

Comping and Composing

Applying Solo Modes – to entire song keys/tonics, chord changes, and chord progressions

Chord Families with Modes

Circle of 5ths and 4ths

Folk, Rock, Blues chord substitutions and progressions – Circle progression, Turnarounds, Bass note progression, root note progressions [coming soon]

Common Substitutions in Jazz Progressions [coming someday]

TriTone Substitutions [coming someday]

Chord Quality Alteration Progressions

  • (chord progressions using the same root notes and/or tonal centres (other than Tritone) – Tonic substitution, relative major/minor substitution [coming someday]

Key Modulations /Chord Pivots

  • (linking similar or diverse keys via chord progressions)  – Diatonic and Altered (Common); Parallel Key, Sequential, Chromatic [coming someday]

Enharmonic “Half-Step” Modulations/ Chord Pivots

– changing keys with Dom and Dim 7th [coming some day]


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